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Ways for Seniors to Stay Active in Colder Months

When winter rolls around, it tends to be a little more difficult for seniors to stay active, especially compared to the warmer seasons! While warmer temperatures make getting outside easier, winter does not have to be boring or inactive. We are sharing some of our best tips below just for seniors who want to stay active and enjoy the winter season!

Bundle Up and Head Out

Put on your layers and get outdoors! Yes, it is colder, but why should that stop you from heading outside anyways? Get all the fresh air you need just by budling up, so you are safe and warm. Do not forget your scarf, hat, and gloves, and make sure the sidewalks aren’t icy!

Clean Up and Stay Indoors

Not a fan of the cold at all? That is okay too. We have some advice for getting active indoors! You can easily work up a sweat by doing some housekeeping – vacuuming, dusting, decluttering, or laundry. Cleaning up around your home is a great way to get moving, not to mention, you will have a clean home! If cleaning is not your idea of fun, we don’t blame you. Instead, try making some space inside for home workout equipment!

Have a Game Day

If a game day (or night) sounds fun, get to planning! As long as it’s safe to do so, invite family and friends over to play some games. Board games, puzzles, and word games are the perfect way to keep your mind mentally sharp and stimulated.

Join a Club

Whether in-person or virtually, taking up a new hobby with like-minded individuals is a great way to stay both mentally and physically active. Take a look into what your local community groups may offer in order to find a new activity.

For more exciting ways to help keep your senior loved one active during the winter season, feel free to reach out to our friendly experts here at Extended Family! Our Ageless Lifestyle community allows seniors to stay active, no matter the season. Call us today and schedule your consultation to learn more about our senior care services!