What is an Ageless Lifestyle ?


Living an Ageless Lifestyle means approaching aging head-on with a plan.

Managing medical issues.
Exercising your body and mind.
Being curious and committed to life-long learning.
Staying socially engaged.
Having a purpose in life.

How it all started…

In 2004 Barbara Trimble, a nurse with extensive experience in eldercare, witnessed current industry offerings falling far short of the needs of our aging population. She began to define and implement a new paradigm for serving this remarkable generation — one built on the premise that preventing decline is as critical as reclaiming and maintaining health.
Barbara formed Extended Family to help older adults and their families preserve a highly valued quality of life. We do this through a comprehensive menu of highly customized programs and services that support our members without compromising individual needs and preferences.
A hallmark of our organization is the personalized companionship and sincere level of care that you would only expect from your own extended family. We take particular pride in personalizing our services to meet unique needs and to match our members with staff who can best meet their needs, preferences, and personalities.
When new members and their families join Extended Family, or when a member receives a service from one of our highly trained staff members, they sign on as “family members”. This sentiment drives Extended Family to consistently seek better ways to manage aging.
We believe our success is measured by how we feel at the end of the day, as well as by more traditional business measures. Our mission — and this opportunity — are at the same time personally and professionally rewarding. Inevitably, members of our Extended Family team do well by doing good.