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How to Prepare for a Home Care Medical Emergency

One of the most important things you can do while providing home care to seniors is to have an emergency plan prepared. Seniors become increasingly at risk of having an accident as they get older, and if you are prepared to handle a medical emergency, you can potentially minimize the damage of an accident. This means you’ll need to have a plan ready to act on. Continue reading below to get started.

Be Prepared and Practice Prevention

Preparedness and prevention go together in many ways. Taking the necessary steps to be prepared for a medical emergency means you’ll have a solid plan rather than struggling in the heat of the moment. Taking preventative measures will allow you to have a strategy when caring for your senior and carrying out your day-to-day tasks.

Techniques to Save a Life

Knowing several different techniques that can save a senior’s life is important during a time of crisis. The Heimlich maneuver, CPR, chest compressions, and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation are all critical to know. Not only should you know how to perform these, but you should also practice them regularly.

Prepare for Any Kind of Emergency

Accidents and emergencies of all different types happen all the time. Preparing for events like natural disasters or the need to evacuate a location with your senior is a good idea. Plan ahead and include the following: Have a to-go bag ready and filled with essential items while on the go. Outline various evacuation routes. Include pets in your plan. Have a written list of emergency contacts.

Keep Calm

It is critical that during an emergency situation you can control how you will react. This means taking control of your emotions from the very start and remaining calm. If you can keep yourself under control, you can give necessary directions and orders to others involved who need it.

For more information on how you can be best prepared for an emergency with your senior, please contact our friendly Caregivers here at Extended Family. We are here to help.

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