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Help Seniors Reduce Their Fall Risk

Anyone can trip or fall, but with the aging process, the risk of a senior falling and injuring themselves increases in likelihood. Unfortunately for seniors, falls can leave long-lasting damage, be life-altering, and reduce their independence and quality of life. But thankfully, there is quite a bit that can be done to prevent falling if you’re a senior! It’s best to understand what causes a fall so you can begin to lower your risk.

Below are our top 10 tips you can take to prevent falling and injury.

  1. Take the first step and make an appointment with your doctor. It will be typical for them to ask you fall-related questions. For example: What medications are you taking? Have you fallen before?

  2. Physical activity can reduce the risk of falls by improving strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Maintain your physical health and get regular exercise.

  3. Don’t rush! Move carefully wherever you go.

  4. Rid your hallways and walkways from any obstacles. This includes boxes, newspapers, electrical cords, and phone cords.

  5. Keep loose rugs secure with double-faced tape, tacks, or a slip-resistant backing . You can even simply remove any loose rugs from your home.

  6. Railings are a great safety measure for your home and can help keep you stabilized as you move.

  7. In your bathtub or shower, use non-slip mats. You may also consider a seat in your shower, which allows you to sit instead.

  8. Use a walker or a cane if you experience any mobility issues.

  9. If an object is out of reach, ask someone else to get it for you instead of reaching, climbing, or using stools.

  10. Make sure you have good lighting around the house and use nightlights in hallways; keep your exterior entrance well-lit.

In the event that you do fall, we will always suggest seeing your doctor immediately. Don’t wait, even if they fall seems minor to you! Unnoticed complications, like fractures, can arise and cause long-term damage. It is best to be safe and consult with your doctor regardless. You can even see an occupational therapist to learn about other fall-prevention methods for your home.

Please reach out to our caregivers at Extended Family if we can be of further help to you. We know that the thought of a fall can be scary, but our senior care services can help you maintain your safety and independence while you age in the comfort of your own home. We are here for you and wish you only good health and strength throughout your senior years!

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