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Time with Your Caregiver: It's All in the Planning

We work with so many people who are managing the care of the older adult in their family. Often times, it is necessary to have a person on site to provide assistance and support (in the home or even in a facility if you are looking for more support than the staff can give).

In order for your family member to accept this person coming into their space we feel strongly that the way their time together is set up is critical to the visit being a success or a flop.


No structure to the visit - caregiver doesn't quite know what to do, so they just mark time until a bathroom trip is needed, or meal time, or they are constantly asking the client what they would like to do. We don't want the client to feel the burden of hosting the caregiver.


A customized plan for the time the caregiver is there. Your participation in setting up that plan with the caregiver is essential. Clear guidelines of expectations. Firm review of what is and isn't done during the time they are together is part of the overall plan for making time matter. Fun. Interesting. Challenging.

We recently worked with a family that is moving their mother in Florida to full time care. They were concerned about how she was going to spend her time now that she is not as able to get out and about. We took their mother's interests and paired those with practicality to ensure the day would be entertaining, engaging and educational as well as helping the caregiver's time to fly. Win win. You'd be surprised when the foundation for success is laid properly, how much caregivers will do to make the day just a little bit better.

Here is a full day schedule we put together, as an example. If you have a care giver for just half a day or a 3-4 block, adjust as needed. Remember, everyone is different. And, the schedule shouldn't be the same day after day, unless of course watching The View is one of the things he or she loves to do.

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