Ageless Lifestyle Community

What is an Ageless Lifestyle community

An Ageless Lifestyle community is a unique solution for senior living.

  • It is not simply a 55+ community.
  • It is not a CCRC.
  • It is not an Assisted Living facility.
  • And it is NOT a nursing home.
 Rather, it is a community that supports conscious, healthy aging. No matter what your state of health, you can live in this community and access services as you need them. It is an active, lively community where people have not lost their “purpose” and where they are encouraged to exercise, learn, and stay socially active. The residents run this community with the help of Extended Family. There is a sense of belonging and well-being for residents in this community while they maintain strong connections with the community at large.

Whether you are a developer looking to build a senior living development or a group of people living in a neighborhood or housing development, Extended Family can help create a community where people can grow older and confidently navigate life’s challenges.

Ageless Lifestyle Community – for Developers

Extended Family can help you build a community that will attract the increasing Baby Boomer market looking for a community to age within.  Our Ageless Lifestyle community is one that promotes life long independence, healthy aging, and the ability to never have to move again.  

Ageless Lifestyle Community – for Existing Groups

Extended Family can help a group of people connected by geography, such as a neighborhood or apartment complex; or connected by membership,such as place of worship. The Extended Family team will take the “Beacon Hill Village” concept and expand it to give the members their best shot at living a full and healthy life with support, socialization, and healthcare advocacy.

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