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We are committed to helping you stay at home for the rest of your life. You may not believe that can happen, but we know it can. For those living in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine, Extended Family can provide meaningful senior help.

From our initial comprehensive assessment to top-notch care coordination, Extended Family helps you feel in control to approach aging at home on your terms. We call our extensive offering of senior home services Care-cierge Services. Of course, we provide the usual home care services such as personal care assistance, meals, light housekeeping, exercises for older people and senior transportation services. In addition, we provide home repair and modification, personal training, accompaniment to a night at the theatre and massage therapy, to name just a few. Our members’ personal plans are updated quarterly and focus on Fall Prevention, Medication Management, Brain Wellness and Hospital Advocacy. And not only that, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any request that helps you lead the fullest life possible. Seriously, you will feel like you have your own concierge on call for your every wish.

We know it’s hard to admit needing some help. But most of our current members joined Extended Family because they felt the wise thing to do is get a “little” help now, before needing a “lot” of help later.

If you are committed to aging at home on your terms, consider joining Extended Family.

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Care-cierge Services

With the right combination of dedication, skill and attitude, we are at your disposal to deliver our Care-cierge services on an hourly or live-in basis.

Personal Care

Skillful and gentle assistance with bathing, dressing and other activities of daily living.


Grocery shopping and meal prep, housecleaning and laundry, shopping and errands, all delivered with efficiency and care.


A “good neighbor” expertly matched with your interests, personality and needs to provide friendship, transportation, and accompaniment to fun outings.

Home Maintenance and Modification

Home modification projects, installation of adaptive equipment or simple home repair, all supervised by a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS).

Medication and Medical Treatment Assistance

Medication and medical assistance delivered by a skilled and thoughtful registered nurse.


Our nurses are experts in the “ins and outs” of the health care system, and can help you navigate the complex health care terrain.

Safely Home™

A nurse at your side to help you prepare for your hospitalization, advocate for you during the hospitalization and oversee your speedy and safe return home.

Health Care Advocacy

Our nurses know the questions to ask, the resources to tap into, and the alternatives to explore. Whether it is a doctor’s visit, understanding your medical conditions, or complying with your treatment plan, our nurses can help.


Exercise may not be on the top of everyone’s list, but we make it fun, interesting and easy to fit into your schedule.

Vital Body™

A functional fitness program that works your whole body to keep you strong, flexible, agile and balanced. Your lung capacity will improve, you will have less pain and you will sleep better. This program will help keep your body strong so you can function better and remain independent.

Vital Mind™

Our brain wellness program employs vigorous mental activity to promote sharper memory, faster mental processing, sustained attention spans and improved cognitive skills.

Peace of Mind

Family members mean well. They want the best for each other. But often disagreements or confusion exist about what’s best for their loved ones. Let us be the caregiver so family members can remain a simple, loving presence without worry or tension.

Care Coordination

We have care coordinators in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine who facilitate family meetings, communicate information to all family members, and manage all the aspects of care.


Extended Family provides the opportunity for family caregivers to step away from their caregiving responsibilities, decompress and recharge without worry. One of our expert team members is always available to care for the family member whenever someone needs a break.

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