Trustworthy Consulting and Advocacy

Extended Family Care Managers Get It.

You will experience peace of mind once you’ve mapped out your plan and have someone to call.

​If you are a family member trying to decide how to help your loved one manage the challenges of aging, or if you are an older adult trying to manage these same challenges, our experienced Care Managers can help. Extended Family has on-site or telephonic coaching to help you prepare a plan and find the resources that you need.

Services Include:


· A comprehensive evaluation of current abilities, areas of concern and opportunities for quality of life improvement.
· Assistance with evaluating choices, selecting and securing appropriate services.


· Assisting with coordinating appropriate services among various providers.
· Evaluating the right setting and associated costs for homecare and long term care needs.
· Avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations, duplication of services and inappropriate placements.


“To grow old successfully, you have to have a plan. Don’t just let things happen and hope for the best. “

— Barbara Trimble