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The baby boomer generation, the healthiest, best-educated and wealthiest in our nation’s history, is turning 65. They are ready to retire, kick back and enjoy life. They want beautiful surroundings, gourmet food, stimulating company, engaging entertainment and leisure activities for seniors…And they want to remain healthy and fit!

Whether you are a developer, property manager or constituency group of a new, existing or virtual community, Extended Family can help you create senior programs in a community where people enjoy Ritz Carlton-level service and proven methods for successful aging at home and happiness built into their everyday lifestyle.

Ageless Lifestyle™ partners with you to create a system of empowered aging seamlessly embedded into the fabric of your community. Your residents will wonder why they waited so long to move here – why they waited so long to lead enriched lives as part of a supportive community helping them achieve life-long independence. We provide the tools, infrastructure and know-how to build an environment where older adults are empowered to continue growing physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

For Communities without walls:

Ageless Lifestyle “Village”

Extended Family makes it easy for a group of adults living in their homes to create their own Ageless Lifestyle community. The Ageless Lifestyle community is focused on senior programs for empowered aging, with group and professional support, including: Peer Leadership, Vital Body and Vital Mind programs, Social and Educational activities, Work/Purpose orientation, Disease Management and Health Care Senior Advocacy.

For Communities with walls in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and elsewhere:

Wellness Center Management

Your wellness center will be a state of the art facility providing service for seniors with all staff committed to promoting life-long independence. We assume responsibility for quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and risk management in all health and clinical matters, including setting policies and procedures for health and wellness programming and care management/delivery. We manage staffing levels, establish skill composition, licensing, and accreditation of the care-giving staff as well as the training and professional development for all staff in providing meaningful help for seniors and superior elder services.

Here is what is included in the Wellness Center:

Medical Director

A Geriatrician to work with staff and residents ensuring clinical excellence.

Rehab and Recovery Care

A healing milieu to help residents recover, gain back strength and return home as quickly and as safely as possible.

Profile and Plan

A one on one process that occurs quarterly to help residents understand their strengths and weaknesses, build their healthy aging plans and stay on track.


A Medication reconciliation program that ensures residents take the right medication, in the right quantity and at the right time.

Disease Management

A systemized approach targeting specific disease states that help residents manage their medical conditions.

Health Care Advocacy

A nurse to address questions or concerns, accompany residents to a provider visit or assist with medical treatments.

Safely Home™

A hospital advocacy program to help residents prepare for both a safe hospitalization and speedy discharge home.

Fitness Center Management

We help you create an atmosphere that is engaging, challenging and fun. Group and personalized programs are offered for body and brain fitness.

Vital Mind™

Personal online brain fitness program promoting mental sharpness.

Vital Body™

Functional fitness program that motivates and challenges participants to achieve improved lung capacity, muscle strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.

Learning and Activities for Seniors Management

A rich offering of social and educational activities designed to stimulate, challenge and entertain your residents in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and nationwide.

Communication Infrastructure

Ageless Lifestyle™ Guide, both online and in print, to collect and organize health and wellness information, track progress and document results.

Care-cierge Services

A full menu of a la carte services to supplement those already offered by your community, such as transportation, travel companion, personal assistant and much more.

Human Resource Management

The quality of life of your residents is influenced by the people who serve them every day. Our multifaceted Service Diamond Program delivers and ensures service excellence across the entire organization.

Human Resource Management is made up of the following:

Recruitment – Core Competencies and Behavioral Interviewing

By helping you define the core competencies for your candidates, we help you see beyond job skills and technical abilities. Our process helps you uncover attitudes, values and habits that are directly related to the effectiveness and potential success of each employee.

Behavioral Interviewing then helps you determine whether someone has a core competency. Our behavioral interview guides help you ask the right kinds of questions in order to select the best candidate for the job and for your organization.

Customer Service Training

Our Customer Service Curriculum delivers what your residents and customers expect and deserve: Respect, Attention, Knowledge, Extra Effort and Follow Through. Our training will transform your community. Your staff will project a different feeling and create an environment that people are drawn to. Your residents will see that staff members “get it”.

Leadership Development

Extended Family’s Leadership Development program combines skills-based training with character-based leadership discovery work to allow each individual identify her/his brand of leadership.

Our leadership program boosts self-awareness and enables individuals to create a more effective way to manage their energy, relationships, responsibilities and time.

Quality Process/Improvement Management

Our Quality Improvement management will help improve services and measure outcomes throughout the community. We strive to meet or exceed stated objectives and comply with relevant standards consistently.

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